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Provincetown or more commonly referred to as “P-town”, sits at the northern tip of the Cape. Its best known for its eclectic community, and the thriving galleries, shops, and restaurants located on iconic Commercial Street. It’s a popular vacation destination for the LGBT+ community, as well as families that want to take in the hustle and bustle of this active community.
P-town has a long and interesting history, most of which results from its noteworthy location at the edge of the sea. It is the site of the Mayflower’s landing in 1620, commemorated by the towering Pilgrim Monument and neighboring Provincetown Museum. Helltown was the nickname for Provincetown in the 1600's stemming from all the carousing, drinking, gambling, and smuggling that took place. A thriving fishing industry started shortly after the English settled the area and today is still a main source of commerce in town.
The art scene is robust, as P-town is known as a haven for innovative minds, attracting artists, and accomplished business leaders in the creative industry. Some of the “best of the best” artwork can be seen in the local shops and galleries throughout town. P-town’s social scene is equally noteworthy as well. Both day and night, it’s common for locals and visitors to “let their hair down” and take in the vibe of the community.
P-town’s buildings and residences are an eclectic grouping of architectural styles that are predominantly historical in nature, while newer construction is taking on a more contemporary look. Condominiums are common in town. It’s safe to say that the residential and commercial real estate market is as diverse as its residents.

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